UHI Machinery UME28 Mini Excavator 5,950lbs. Yanmar Engine

$28,900.00 + tax

* Yanmar 20HP Engine, side joystick with heated cabin with A/C

* Swing boom; high/ low travel speed

* Hydraulic quick hitch for easy changing attachments

Package price $30,800

including 8” trenching bucket, 19” digging bucket, 39” grading bucket, ripper, hydraulic quick hitch, hydraulic thumb plus 3 year peace-of-mind warranty!

* Optional attachments: jackhammer, auger, tilting bucket

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The Yanmar 3TNV80F-SPSY2C is a variant of the 3TNV80F engine series, tailored for specific applications or market demands. This compact, water-cooled, three-cylinder diesel engine has a displacement of 1.267 liters and delivers 20 horsepower. Like the other 3TNV80F models, it utilizes indirect injection fuel technology. With its liquid cooling system and adherence to emissions standards, this engine offers reliability and efficiency for various industrial and agricultural uses. This engine offers compact yet durable power with clean emissions and low fuel consumption. Its low noise and vibration make for a quieter operation. With high altitude performance control, it ensures reliable operation even in challenging environments. Additionally, its installation sustainability further enhances its appeal.


Hydraulic Quick Hitch

Our hydraulic quick hitch for mini excavators enables rapid switching between attachments, streamlining workflow and enhancing productivity on the job site. Whether you need to attach buckets, hammers, or augers, the process is effortless, saving valuable time and effort. Importantly, it promotes safety by ensuring secure and efficient attachment changes, reducing the risk of accidents or errors during operation. With this innovative feature, operators can seamlessly adapt to different tasks with ease, maximizing efficiency and versatility.


Swing Boom

Experience enhanced versatility and precision with the UME28 Excavator's swing boom feature. Designed to optimize maneuverability and efficiency, the swing boom allows operators to easily adjust the excavator's arm from side to side, providing greater flexibility in reaching and positioning materials or equipment. Whether you're working in confined spaces or navigating around obstacles, the swing boom ensures optimal performance and productivity. By enabling precise control over the excavator's arm movement, operators can tackle a wide range of excavation tasks with ease and precision.


Easy Access

Cabin Lift Mechanism: The cabin of the UHI UME 28 can be raised or lifted, thanks to the built-in jack lifter, providing better access for maintenance, especially during tasks that require a better view of the engine and hydraulic system.


Hydraulic & Auxiliary system

The UME28 features a robust auxiliary hydraulic system, facilitating easy attachment and operation of various tools like jackhammers and augers. Its bi-directional controls and control valve offer precise functionality, enhancing efficiency. With an extra auxiliary connection, it provides expanded versatility for a wide range of attachments, ensuring optimal performance and empowering operators to handle diverse tasks confidently.


Hydraulic Thumb

Our powerful hydraulic thumb attachment revolutionizes the capabilities of excavators and backhoes. Operators can now grab and manipulate objects with unparalleled precision, thanks to the hydraulic power it offers. This enhancement in precision not only boosts efficiency but also greatly enhances safety on job sites. By facilitating easier handling of various materials, the hydraulic thumb enhances the versatility of the machine, allowing it to tackle a wider range of tasks effectively. Additionally, it significantly reduces strain on equipment, prolonging its lifespan and minimizing maintenance requirements. With this innovative attachment, operators can accomplish tasks with greater ease and confidence, ultimately leading to increased productivity and job site success.

Mini Excavator
Engine type Water cooled 3-cylinder diesel
Output HP/rpm 20/2,200
Operating Weight 5950lbs
Digging bucket capacity 1.76 cubic feet
Max bucket digging force 3628lbs
Max arm digging force 2630bs
Pump Capacity 16.27GPM
Max digging depth